Fawn French Bulldog

Among dogs, the breeds can be quite extensive, having hundreds of truly incredible options. French Bulldogs are one of the most recognized pets due to their distinctive appearance and incredible personality. It is definitely a great option to have at home, plus they come in varied colors that can make them even more interesting.

They are certified dogs that have a great history dating back to the 1800s, from France itself. Knowing a little more about them is essential to understand these beautiful puppies and perhaps adopt one in the future. Besides, it is good to have accurate information so that you know how to properly care for these fantastic creatures and give them comfort and well-being.

French Bulldog Coat Types And Colors

Something interesting about the French bulldog is that many colors can find, some unique compared to other dogs. These are the possible shades that a Frenchie dog can have:

  • Fawn: Here, there is a wide range between dark and light. The fawns tend to have a different effect with a reddish tint around them.
  • Brindle: This pattern is formed with black, tawny patches. It depends a lot on the colors.
  • Mouse: This is a synonym for the color gray. It can come in steel, slate blue, or simply bluish tones.
  • Liver: They are colors that fall in the range of brown, reddish, and even rust. The mixtures are also accepted. They are tones that are difficult to distinguish.
  • Chocolate: Although it may not seem like it, this is a rare color in Frenchies that varies from light milk to chocolate brown.

What Is A Fawn French Bulldog?

What Is A Fawn French Bulldog

Fawn is a characteristic color and one of the most accepted in most kennel clubs. French Bulldog fawns are basically the official breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC), apart from other canine keepers.

This class of sites does not allow many French bulldog’s rare colors since they consider them to be defective. They are disqualified almost instantly when the coat is Blue or Blackbird.

Fawn Pied/Piebald Spotting

The Fawn Pied bulldog is renowned for varying from light tones with dark patches to even a fawn in white or black. A blue fawn French bulldog is considered one of the rarest, but unfortunately, they cannot be represented in competitions.

Origin And History Of French Bulldog

Other Facts About French Bulldogs

The French bulldog’s current appearance is because of the Molossians, who were dogs of a fairly ancient Greek clan. They were moved by merchants around the world and were raised alongside English Mastiffs. This gave rise to new sub-breeds.

The dogs served as part of the bull bait, which was a fairly extreme sporting event. By 1835 these kinds of activities were banned throughout England, allowing bulldogs to be mated for commercial reasons.

They are so small that they used to be put together with terrier or ratter dogs, exactly for that purpose. As early as 1850, toy-style bulldogs were a trend, so much so that they even appeared on television.

These dogs went through a lot and somehow managed to establish themselves in France, where a business opened around them. Before they were officially considered a breed and adopted Bouledogue Francais’ name, it was a matter of time.

Other Facts About French Bulldogs

An AKC book establishes the standards that a breed of dog must have to be accepted by them. These are some of the specifications of a French Bulldogs:

  • Its shape, as such, should be somewhat muscular and with several loose curls that form various wrinkles.
  • Twenty-eight pounds is the standard weight for a French bulldog in AKC.
  • The size of the head should be somewhat prominent and square.
  • As for the ears, they should be pointed and long.
  • Eyes that are approved for ACK should be nearly black.
  • The French bulldog also has some health problems such as:
  • Canine follicular dysplasia.
  • Alopecia.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Patellar luxation.
  • Various allergies.

Birth And Reproduction

A French bulldog usually requires a cesarean section with artificial insemination. Most of the litter is born this way. This breed is not capable of going into labor on its own. Therefore its natural reproduction is almost impossible.

Thanks to the body’s shape, including the too thin hips, the male cannot be with the female.

Temperament And Personality

All dogs, including the French bulldog, require a lot of love and affection, so closeness with humans is important. Leaving them alone for too long will cause the Frenchie to develop anxiety or depression, especially in youth.

That negative tension can cause the pet to act more aggressively to get attention. Despite this, they are generally calm, patient, and loving, showing it in general with people.

Specific Needs And Care

Some things are necessary to know before finally adopting a French bulldog. Do not forget that these pets require attention since it is the only thing that will give them well-being. This you should know:

  • Exercise should be kept to a minimum as, due to your composure, there may be adverse consequences such as dizziness or heavy breathing. It is good to limit yourself to short walks each day.
  • Overfeeding the dog is not a good option as it can lead to obesity. Try to give it healthy things without so much fat. Keeping track of everything the animal eats is ideal.
  • Avoid water completely, as French bulldogs cannot swim due to their body structure.

How To Care For Fawn French Bulldogs?

When you decide to acquire a dog, you should always look for the specific care they require. Here are some important tips for the French bulldog:

  • Clean folds.

This class of dogs has rolled in the skin that can get dirty very easily, and it is not recommended. Letting it pass can cause the Frenchie to end up with an infection. A few wet wipes will be enough to prevent it from happening.

  • Keep it cool

Even the nostrils of Frenchies bring problems since being small can make it difficult for them to breathe properly. Be on the lookout for any unusual behavior such as panting or excessive drooling, as these are signs of fatigue.

Splash cold water on the fur and fill the bowl extremely regularly, changing it as often as necessary.

  • Pay attention to the ears.

This part tends to fill up with dirt due to its elongated shape, so keeping them clean is necessary. It is also good to use an ointment for the area.

  • Choose the harness well.

This is a necessary accessory for the outdoors, but it can also be harmful when it is not the right one. Choose one that has a soft material to avoid unwanted irritations to the animal’s skin.

Is It Right For Keeping A Fawn French Bulldog?

It is a great job to have a French bulldog as a pet, but all animals require attention. In general, the decision depends on the people. If you want a loving dog that will love you unconditionally, then this is the right one.