White French bulldog

A white French bulldog is a pet of the same breed as the colored or patterned Frenchie, although they have different characteristics. The only present differences in the white French bulldog are the two possible combinations of the same genetics from the Frenchie. This genetics produces a white coat in French Bulldogs. However, under the skin, they are not the same colors.

White Frenchies suffer from the same amount of health problems that white French Bulldogs suffer from. Among the main health problems suffered by dogs’ breeds are brachycephalic problems and others no less important. A white French bulldog is simply one of the many dogs with different coat colors of the same breed.

What is a White French Bulldog?

What is a White French Bulldog

White French Bulldogs are beloved dogs in all parts of the world, and it is in 2017 that they become the fourth most famous dog in the United States. The white color of this dog’s coat is considered one of the French bulldog standards described as an official of the breed. This bulldog is still part of a purebred underneath and has a single coat that is either totally white or predominantly white.

This dog is one of many people’s favorites because it is a pure breed of bulldog of this color. Some breed lovers may prefer to choose a Frenchie puppy (depending on the color that attracts them). These dogs and their white coloration affect their temperament, grooming needs, and health; these characteristics are very interesting to analyze.

White French bulldog Genetics 

All of the genes with the instructions for skin color are located specifically at loci on canine chromosomes. All dogs of different breeds contain different color genes, so not all have the same colors. This dog only has two basic pigments of the canine genome, and the interaction between the two determines the canine’s coat.

Pitted and whitish Frenchies are different from French Bulldogs, and genes are one of the main characteristics. Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes white coats in these dogs. However, they have some ideas.

Piebald vs. White French bulldog Genetics 

Chipped Frenchies get their colors because of the canine genes found at the S locus. All-white dogs are the result of each of these genes that are often referred to as extreme piebalds. Many racy dogs have colored spots, while on the other hand, the ends cannot have them.

Extreme peeps have two internal copies of the tweet gene, while spotted piebalds have only one. The S locus is unfortunately associated with some health problems in dogs and can be symptoms of concern to owners. The white hue can be one of the results of albinism or double blackbird. However, these are very unlikely in French bulldogs.

White French Bulldog temperament

White French Bulldog temperament

The French bulldog breed establishes that this canine’s temperament is highly flawed, playful, level-headed, alert, and active. Generally, this breed of dog is not known for presenting temperament problems such as canine aggression. A French bulldog is more people-oriented, and this breed has a great need to bond and spend time with family members.

Some leading researchers have discovered that skin color is related to some temperamental traits in canines. Studies in French bulldogs have found links between coat color and aggression in these dogs.

White French Bulldog Health Issues 

Professional canine researchers have discovered that the color of white coats is merely related to health problems. If white fur is one of the results of extreme pale colorations due to the S locus, there is a probability of canine deafness. Many recommend that French bulldogs be tested before breeding to determine any abnormalities or health problems.

Among the main health problems are juvenile cataracts, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, thyroiditis, and much more. This breed of dog can have some eye disorders, malformed eyes, non-functioning eyes, and other canine vision abnormalities.

White French Bulldog Grooming

The single-coated coat of white French bulldogs is neat, flat, and very short. This breed of dog sheds its coat a little during the year, but it is much more noticeable in seasons’ different changes.

Grooming and grooming of French Bulldogs can do with soft bristle brushes and rounded tips. Brushing is one of the grooming tools in these dogs that causes less irritation or abrasion to the canine’s skin.

How to Care For White French Bulldog?

How to Care For White French Bulldog

  • Mandatory darling

This dog needs contact with its owners, and this breed of dog does not get along at all with being very alone at home for a long period. This is one of the white French bulldog’s attitudes that makes it a perfect companion dog.

  • Food

The owners of these dogs must be very attentive when feeding them since many may have problems chewing food. Plastic containers can be a very serious problem. However, those made with stainless steel are 100% durable and will not chip.

  • Veterinarian

The puppies of this breed must be subjected to constant check-ups indicated by expert veterinarians. Veterinarians are in charge of establishing the deworming and the schedule for each of the vaccinations.

  • Home security

Indoor home security must be completely and safe for all white French bulldogs. All owners must take their places and check that there are no places where they can fall or get trapped.

Is It Right For Keeping a White French Bulldog?

Even though this dog has a pleasant personality, it is not recommended that people go out to buy this breed of dog. It is not ethical to raise a dog whose body is structured so that what it does is harm the rest of its life. Those who want a white French Bulldog should rescue them from pet shelters rather than buying one from a breeder.

Everyone must consider having a white French Bulldog in their homes and find out everything about the breed. This is of great help and makes you sure you want to decide for this breed or a healthier one.