French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages (Guide 2021)

If you have a French Bulldog in pregnancy, you should know French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages. The length of pregnancy for a French Bulldog can vary in days, taking an average of 63 days. That is why you must be aware of all the changes that you may have during the weeks of gestation.

Find out what are the physical and hormonal changes that the French Bulldog has during pregnancy. In this way, you will know what care you should have with your pet during each week until the offspring’s birth. The following will be presented each month of gestation of your French Bulldog:

What Are The Stages Of A Frenchie Pregnancy?

What Are The Stages Of A Frenchie Pregnancy

If you want to discover the Bulldog Pregnancy Stages, you should read the stages by the month of a Frenchie’s pregnancy:


In the first month, the embryos will begin to perform movements in your dog’s uterus and fallopian tubes. According to experts, the French Bulldog’s uterus has a Y shape; it is in the part of the Y’s horns, where the offspring will gestate. Frenchie embryos are generated in a kind of row along the arms of this Y.

It is advisable to take the pet to a veterinarian from 2 or 3 weeks of gestation. In this way, she will ensure that she has a healthy pregnancy for herself and her offspring through a prenatal check-up.

At the end of this month, the vet will be able to make you listen to the heartbeat between days 28 and 35. On day 7 of gestation, the embryos reach the Y, and on day 16, they embed themselves on the sides of it. As of the 22nd, they already have a shape that can be recognized. However, the dog may not show pregnancy symptoms in the first three weeks.


As early as day 32, fetuses have eyelids, while on day 35, their toes can be seen. For their fur, skeleton, and claws to form, they will have to wait between days 40 and 45.

For its part, on day 50, the vet will be able to tell you how many puppies there are using an X-ray. Likewise, at this stage, you will be able to see the skulls and thorns. Some symptoms that you may notice are:

1. Your Frenchie will be able to gain between 20% to 50% in weight

2. After day 45, your appetite is likely to decrease. You will also have a large, fixed abdomen.

3. It will have changes in its behavior, and on day 58, its nesting changes will be more noticeable

4. Increased urine and movement of the puppies will be visible from day 50.


His franchise will be ready for the young’s birth because, by day 58, they are almost fully developed. And in the last days of pregnancy, the puppies will be positioned correctly. Some symptoms that will be visible are:

1. Will have a pronounced waist when the hatchlings move into the correct position

2. They can walk sideways or even shake and also gasp. You will feel restless

3. Loss of appetite will be more pronounced from day 61.

4. Before labor begins, the temperature will drop between 12 and 24 hours


In a particular way, you can discover French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages by describing the weeks of gestation:

  • WEEK 1

In the first week, ovulation and mating occur, resulting in the Frenchie’s pregnancy. You can also see morning sickness and changes in your diet, along with pink discharge, which is normal.

  • WEEK 2

 This is where embryos develop, cells begin to grow, and then the embryos make their way to the uterus. You may have no symptoms, so you can continue exercising and eating normally.

  • WEEK 3

The embryos will only measure one centimeter in length and implant themselves in the uterus lining to begin to nourish themselves. On days 22 and 23, you can hear the heartbeat.

They may begin to have symptoms, such as an increase in their food. At the same time, nausea will occur between this and the following week due to hormonal changes.

  • WEEK 4

By touching your dog’s abdomen by a veterinarian, pregnancy can be confirmed. The spinal column will be formed, along with the faces and eyes of each fetus. In this week, they will grow 50%, measuring 1.5 cm.

Here you will have to change your diet and physical activity, as fetuses are vulnerable.

  • WEEK 5

The puppies are more protected, no longer so vulnerable. From day 32, there will be more amniotic fluid which will allow it to grow. Here the toes and claws will develop, in addition to the sexual organs (male or female)

The Frenchie will be much heavier this week; you will need to feed him small but nutritious portions. A veterinarian can do an ultrasound to determine if there is a problem and how many puppies there are.

  • WEEK 6

Your abdomen will continually grow, your appetite will increase, and your nipples will become darker. Try to consider some nutritional supplements. You can also add puppy food and kibble.

Here you begin to arrange a birthing bed where your dog can sleep and take care of the pups when it is born. From day 32 to 45, the puppies will have pigmentation and spots.

  • WEEK 7

The young are almost fully formed, but they continue to grow. The Frenchie will begin to lose fur in the abdomen area in preparation for the time of delivery. It’s time to knock out the puppy food.

  • WEEK 8

From week 8, you should be ready for the delivery of your Frenchie. Try not to make involuntary movements as it can cause labor. This week the Frenchie will produce colostrum to nourish the puppies.

  • WEEK 9

Your pet may withdraw as he begins to prepare for delivery, thus decreasing his appetite. Your temperature will drop at the time of delivery.


The duration of the French Bulldog’s pregnancy is estimated to range from 58 to 68 days. However, the average Frenchie begins labor on day 63. That is why you must be aware of the changes that are obtained during pregnancy.


During the French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages, you should be aware of how their diet has to be during their trimesters:


Your Frenchie will likely lose her appetite in the first few weeks. However, as soon as the embryos establish and grow, the appetite returns. It can include feeding times to support the pregnancy. It is important to include supplements, such as folic acid. Make sure your pet doesn’t lose weight.


At this stage, your Frenchie will need 10% more calories because it will require it. However, their hormonal and physical changes will make eating and digestion difficult. Here you can mix with puppy food and follow up with vitamin supplements.


Your energy needs will increase by 50% to maintain your natural weight. On your 42nd day, you can change your food to one of more energy. You will also have a 10% increase in food servings, therefore provide several small portions of food per day.