French Bulldog C Section: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to bringing in a new litter of French bulldog pups, you must know how the French bulldog c section. While raising a bulldog is not that easy, it is much more difficult to raise and provide medical care for each of your puppies. That is why these little puppies are one of the most expensive.

Discover the procedure of how to make a c section in a French bulldog, as well as much other interesting information. In this way, you will obtain the necessary information in case your French bulldog is pregnant. As well as all the data about their offspring:

French Bulldog C Section

French bulldogs are one of the most adorable and intelligent dogs, which makes them too adorable. That is why they are among the most popular dogs, as they are very attentive to their owners.

However, their upbringing is not easy. When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, everything is complicated. Therefore, when deciding to have one of these puppies, you must be very informed and have the necessary knowledge.

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally?

Why Can't French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally

One of this breed’s qualities is that they cannot go into labor naturally, but only by cesarean section. Its head and chest are very large and do not fit in natural childbirth. For this reason, it is among the first three dogs to need assistance in their labor.

French bulldogs have large and robust builds from their head, jaw, chest, and even shoulders. At the same time, its darkest part is in the rear. However, dogs are not born from the rear but the front.

That is why when a Frenchie goes into labor. There can be complications, including the puppy getting stuck. Placing both the offspring and the mother in a dangerous situation.

Two Life-Threatening Complications Of Pregnancy In French Bulldogs

It should be noted that there are two complications of pregnancy in French bulldogs, including:

  • Anasarca

It is the description that you have edema, a severe swelling that occurs before going into labor. Here, the French bulldog needs a cesarean section because she and her offspring are in danger.

  • Dystocia

It is the description of a difficult birth since physical complications occur to have the puppies through natural birth. This is more common in French bulldogs than other dog breeds.

Is It Ever Possible For A French Bulldog To Have A Natural Birth?

You can find information and experiences on the internet of French bulldogs who have had natural childbirth. And even some reports of free births, which means that there was neither surgery nor human assistance.

However, keep in mind that this is very rare. It is wrong to assume that all French bulldogs can have a type of free birth. And at best, being unprepared for delivery may mean a C-section, but sometimes not.

Studies indicate that bulldogs that have free birth can happen due to their breed’s lineage. There is a type of breed in different countries, and there are clubs to make the ideal dog. In many countries, this is allowed, and bulldogs are seen with long legs and slightly slimmer heads and bodies. This is common in Europe and the United States.

That is why, if you see a free birth, it is likely that it comes from a European lineage, which contains structures a little easier for both puppies and mothers. They have a different skeleton than other types of French Bulldog.

However, there may also be occasions that there is an exception of a lineage of French American bulldogs who have a free birth. But, it is recommended that you are always prepared for childbirth.

When Should A C Section For French Bulldogs Be Scheduled?

If your French bulldog is pregnant, you may want a quick cesarean section. Since with this, you will be able to meet the little puppies. However, French bulldog experts consider the progesterone test performed on the mother when she has a cesarean section to be important.

This hormone is vital for bitches, since it is what controls the heat cycle of a female. It also helps the breeder to know when the puppies can be born to be aware.

It is common for French bulldogs to go into labor 63 days after they ovulated and were fertilized. Therefore during the last 48 hours, you should monitor your dog to know when she will be in labor.

How To Prepare For A French Bulldog C Section?

How To Prepare For A French Bulldog C Section?

You should always be prepared for when your bulldog goes into labor; for this, it is recommended:

  • Without maternal skills

There may be the case that when the cesarean section is performed, there is a risk in which the mother does not feel interested in the puppies. Bringing as a consequence that she does not even produce milk to feed them or it simply dries quickly.

She can also have somewhat aggressive behavior with the young. All she was anesthetized in operation, and there was no bond with her puppies in labor.

For this reason, veterinarians recommend that breeders place an adaptive collar a few days before the cesarean section, which will be anti-stress. And it will cause a more affectionate bond with her offspring by expelling pheromones. But still, it is recommended that you be cautious if the mother cannot care for them.

  • Discontinue medications for pests

You must stop whatever medications are used to control pests, such as fleas or ticks. This will need to be done one week before you go into labor and section C is done.

  • Prepare the birthing space

In case this is the first time for your dog, it will be difficult to predict what day she will go into labor. Therefore, it must be prepared in advance, having each of the supplements that are needed. Since in case of early labor, there will be no problems.

How To Care For A French Bulldog After C Section?

It is important to collect information in case she finds herself in this situation. Here are the cares that you should take into account.

  • Mother’s care

In the mother’s case, you will have to help her with the pain and disinfect her wound from the operation. As well as drink water, eat, go to the bathroom and take her medications, in addition to helping to move. She will have to watch her recovery in case she is not doing it properly.

In case of having nausea, vomiting, fevers, among others, she should call her vet. She also watches over the cubs until the maternal instinct kicks in and protects the young from her.

  • Puppy care

It is necessary to take care of the puppies for a few weeks if they do not have even her maternal instinct. Her vet will recommend a suitable formula, and she will have to feed them and help them urinate. It is necessary to keep them clean and warm and that they feel safe. There are cases where they must be fed for approximately five weeks.