French Bulldog Diarrhea

All dogs are prone to diarrhea, but there are somewhere it can be seen more frequently than others. French Bulldogs are breeds that, despite their popularity in European countries, tend to be somewhat delicate in health.

Some experts attribute these difficulties to the shape of its muzzle and the ability to lick or bite everything in its path. While it is true that these aspects contribute a lot to the problem, it does not mean that the difficulty is due to something deeper.

Why Do French Bulldogs Get Diarrhea?

Why Do French Bulldogs Get Diarrhea

It is not a secret that for the animal to have feces in this state can be uncomfortable, even more, if it is frequent. The thing is that the problem can take the dog’s life due to the dehydration that it allows.

A French Bulldog’s stomach is extremely sensitive, leading to gas and bloating that can aggravate everything. A proper diet is essential; food high in fiber can be one reason for watery stools.

Parasites are also a fairly common option, worms, hookworms, etc. The most advisable thing is to have the stool analyzed as quickly as possible to make sure it is not serious.

Symptoms Of French Bulldog Diarrhea

The diarrhea is manifested by an increase in water within the stool. This can be watery and chronic, the latter being the one that most worries the animal’s owners because of what it entails.

Both types’ symptoms are very similar: dehydration, vomiting, fever, depression, abdominal pain, and poor appetite. The main difference between acute and chronic diarrhea is that the latter lasts longer than it should.

Causes Of Diarrhea In French Bulldogs

There are several reasons this problem can manifest itself; the diet is the most common. This is caused when the animal overeats, changes its diet suddenly, or ingests a poor condition.

There are toxic or metabolic difficulties where diarrhea is only a symptom of something greater in more serious terms. It is important to take the dog for consultation before any indication of this section since it threatens the animal’s life.

The infectious part is one of the worst since viruses or parasites cause it. The latter is the most serious. There are many types, such as worms or coccidia, so you should go to the vet to give them the proper treatment.

Other problems or illnesses that can cause diarrhea are related to intestinal inflammation and alterations in metabolism or tumors. It is an extensive list that can cause diarrhea, so it is best to turn to specialists.

What Diet Do French Dogs Eat To Avoid Diarrhea?

What Diet Do French Dogs Eat To Avoid Diarrhea?

French Bulldogs are animals with the peculiarity that their stomachs are small compared to their size. As a result, certain aspects of your diet must be considered to maintain a balance.

  • General diet

When having a dog of this breed, it is important to choose a rich food in nutrients and proteins. This will make the animal satisfied quickly, but it is also essential to take care of the ration amount.

French Bulldogs have a higher muscle percentage than other breeds, so their diet must be conscientious. Digestive problems in this type of animal are quite recurrent, so consulting professionals is the right thing.

  • Diet in the recovery process

After an episode of diarrhea, it is advisable to change the animal’s diet to a softer and lower fiber diet. Veterinarians also recommend fasting a few hours before, mostly to rest the digestive system.

The main characteristics of a proper diet are: low in fat, no seasonings, steamed or grilled. Rice, chicken, turkey, or fish are necessary ingredients: carrots, squash, apples, or potatoes.

The best thing to do is feed the dog small amounts of food several times a day. This will contribute positively to the dog’s recovery; you have to remember not to abuse and follow the veterinarian’s recommendations.

How To Treat French Bulldog Diarrhea?

How To Treat French Bulldog Diarrhea - Image By frenchbulldogtexas

It may be a common problem, but many warnings could indicate something stronger. It is important to follow these instructions to ensure the welfare of the animal:

  • Due to the dog’s delicate state, it is recommended to apply a fast of approximately 12 hours.
  • Give plenty of water; it should be fresh and clean at all times.
  • It is advisable to add a supplement to the water that replaces electrolytes.
  • After the fast, you can give a small amount of rice along with the boiled chicken to the French Bulldog.
  • It is good to include a canine probiotic supplement in the meal; this will help maintain healthy bacteria.
  • It is recommended to gradually increase the amount of food only if the dog has stopped vomiting.

Home Remedies For French Bulldog Diarrhea

If the problem is not very serious, diarrhea can be easily solved with some home remedies. These can range from general care to highly functional foods for the situation.

  • Fasting

The main recommendation is a 12-hour fast; if the problem passes, you must see a professional. This process is only to empty the stomach, but it is bigger if the problems persist.

  • Active bídifus

Occasionally diarrhea comes from a low level in the intestinal flora, so mixing plain yogurt with active Bifidus works. You have to put it in the dog’s food, and thus, the cause of the problem will be reinforced in a matter of a short time.

  • Carob powder

It is a great option for diarrhea, and it only consists of mixing the product with water in equal parts and giving it to the dog. One or two tablespoons four times a day in three days will be enough to combat the discomfort.

  • Ground garlic

One of the best alternatives that exist. The French Bulldog can be given a maximum of half a tablespoon of crushed garlic once or three times for four days.

  • Red elm in capsules

The amount of this remedy depends on the size; the French Bulldog would need half a capsule twice a day to obtain results.

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin has a lot of fiber and will help regulate intestinal transit faster; it is good to mix it with white rice. Soft foods are essential, especially in recovery time.

  • Balanced diet

You have to take great care of the canine’s diet before, during, and after an episode of diarrhea. The stomach will be very sensitive, so it is good that healthy options are taken into account.

It is also important to return the animal to its original diet once the care process is complete. Although yes, always trying to establish the necessary changes, if the problem started with food.

French Bulldogs are sensitive breeds in the stomach area, so keeping an eye on them is necessary.