Lilac French bulldog: A Guide to This Breed Information

The French bulldog is a pet dog with a gentle temperament that is extremely happy when it is the center of attention; it makes itself felt when it is required. It is an ideal canine for a one-person household since it may compete for attention with the other family group members. 

This breed does not bark much, only when there is an element that generates excitement. Its main characteristics are its bat ears that it has naturally; it is never cut or modified. It is a happy dog in any home. It is ideal for city life since it does not require large areas. It does not require large amounts of food and is very comfortable to care for.

What is a Lilac French bulldog?

What is a Lilac French bulldog - Image By thefrenchbulldog

The Lilac French Bulldog is a dog with a mixture of color in its fur between gray and blue that is very unique. You look at the reflections of the sun being displayed as lilac. In this race, also they call Frenchies mouse.

  • This French bulldog usually has an eye color that varies from turquoise blue to light blue and silver.
  • Today the Lilac French Bulldog is very popular with people who want a small breed dog.
  • Their coat color can vary from a cold blue to very elegant silver.
  • Some Lilac French Bulldogs have white spots on the chest and face.
  • The color of the Lilac French Bulldog is one of the rarest. For this reason, it is highly valued, and its market value is above that of a standard Bulldog.
  • In many countries, the waiting list to obtain a Lilac French Bulldog is very long.

Some Facts about Lilac French bulldogs

The color of the Lilac French Bulldog is listed as a rare or special color within the breed. This is because they are difficult to see. Besides, this color, like many others, is not within the standard validated by the AKC. Of course, this is because when the standard was approved, these colors did not exist.

  • The Lilac French Bulldog is produced occasionally and is normally produced on a limited basis by breeders on the west coast of the United States of America.
  • They have a very particular color and have very vibrant eyes. This normally happens when an excellent combination of DNA from chocolate and blue parents is achieved. This is usually rarely achieved.
  • Its characteristic color, throughout its body, including that of its eyes, is maintained throughout its life, unlike the standard French bulldog.
  • When buying a Lilac French Bulldog, you must be completely sure that you are buying from a responsible and reputable breeder. These Bulldogs are prone to genetic diseases, so a breeder using responsible breeding techniques is important.

Health Issues When Working With the Dilute Genes

Genes are an important part of the health of any living being and in its bodily response to health care. Canines do not escape this reality. By improperly mixing genes, you can trigger a series of diseases that can affect your pet.

  • The Lilac French Bulldog is prone to alopecia by dissolving the color or CDA.
  • Alopecia is a hereditary recessive condition that causes thinning in the canine or can begin to lose its coat. 
  • Symptoms can begin to appear six months after being born. Unfortunately, CDA is not curable, but it can be easily controlled with good medical treatment.
  • Not all Lilac French Bulldogs are prone to alopecia; however, it is good to always keep them in check with a good veterinarian to have a healthy life.
  • The Lilac French Bulldog is likely to suffer from cold because they cannot regulate their body temperature. So it is not advisable to have them in temperate to cold climates.
  • Suppose you live in a temperate or cold climate. In that case, it is recommended that you dress your Lilac French Bulldog inappropriate clothing and tailored it to its body dimensions.

Canine Coat Color Genes in a Lilac French bulldog

Canine Coat Color Genes in a Lilac French bulldog 2021

As previously described, the Lilac French Bulldog has a very characteristic lilac tone in its coat. This is produced thanks to the disintegration gene that generates the blue tone of the Blue French Bulldog’s coat.

When describing the lilac color, it can be said that it is a pale grayish-brown coat. It is a naturally generated color by the recessive gene when the animal is a carrier of it. The genotype of the Lilac French Bulldog is homozygous for dilution and liver.

Normally when a Lilac French Bulldog comes into the world, the puppy is born with a coat very identical to that of the Blue French Bulldog since they have the same dilution gene. As it becomes an adult, its coloration becomes a little lighter until it reaches the characteristic lilac color.

The Lilac French Bulldog’s eyes are usually bluish, amber, or light gray. Their snouts are normally grayish brown and pale pink. It has noticeable pale pink spots around the mouth and eyes.

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How to Care for a Lilac French bulldog?

The Lilac French Bulldog p or be a sensitive dog requires a special way to foster not present health problems. Veterinary care is essential for a smooth life.

  • For these little dogs, it is advisable to wear protective footwear when they must walk on very cold surfaces or for winter periods.
  • Your skin should always be hydrated and moist. It is recommended that you do not use hard brushes for cleaning. Gloves with soft silicone dots are the best option because they do not harm the skin.
  • The area between all French Bulldogs’ creases is extremely sensitive at the ends and must be cleaned frequently. These folds trap dirt, food scraps, and dust.
  • The folds should be cleaned with damp baby towels or a completely clean damp cloth. They should also apply cornstarch between the folds.
  • The Lilac French Bulldog diet is very important to your pet’s life and health. An improper diet can generate allergies that can generate serious health problems. 

Is it Right to Choose a Lilac French bulldog?

The Lilac French Bulldog is an ideal breed for children. It is an excellent protector for babies. From that perspective, it can be completely calm. This breed loves children, and they are largely very delicate with them.

Experts and veterinarians highly recommend it for living at home with children. He is a charming dog that will become very close friends with your child from the first minute. It will be an unconditional friendship.

The Lilac French Bulldog is a very small breed, ideal for apartments and small houses; they do not require large spaces or long walks. They just require some dedication to maintain their health.